About us

FX mineral cosmetics was set up by three sisters looking for a fresh and new cosmetic range which would compliment individual skin tones as well establishing personality through the colours. The range encapsulates the essence of colour hence the name FusciaXtreme to celebrate the intensity of colour and to bring to the market mineral cosmetics free from animal cruelty and alcohol.

At FX cosmetics we pride ourselves in bringing to you a Halal and ethical brand which is affordable yet does not compromise on quality. As a brand our products are sourced from countries that match our high ethical standards. Our product range is not tested on animals and has undergone stringent testing to comply with Halal standards.

FX Cosmetics use mineral based products which are free from harsh chemical. Our cosmetics are carefully constructed using the finest and most natural ingredients to give you that catwalk look without damaging your skin.

We have a range of colours and products designed to suit women of all races and all skin tones. At FX there is something for everyone.

At FX we guarantee we will actively work to bring you new and exciting mineral and Halal products.

The range is designed for women from all walks of life, ages and races. Beauty is about celebrating your own skin tone and complimenting your skins own contours and shades, this is an exclusive range which will inspire, initiate and innovate your natural beauty.

About our products

Our Exciting range of MINERAL Cosmetics will not only make you look good but is guaranteed to be good for your skin too!


Some of the Key Benefits of the range include makeup which is LONG LASTING, VITAMIN ENRICHED, Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES & above all LIGHT WEIGHT & VELVETY to touch.